About We Buy RVs

Put our skills and knowledge to work! We Buy RVs offers a rapid and reliable way to sell your caravan or motorhome at the best price. Thanks to our top range of products, extensive promotional efforts and skilled sales staff, we take the hassle out of selling your RV. 

No more waiting around for hours for potential buyers. No more unpleasant phone calls at all hours of the day. No more stress about dealing with finance or trade. We are driven to get you the right price for your RV as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors. Leave the phone calls, appointments, and deliveries to us!

We simply ask you to bring the caravan or motorhome you’re looking to sell, along with your registration, paperwork for proof of ownership, and any service history or logbooks. Feel free to also bring along any manuals, remotes, appliances, spare keys, and a driver’s license.

We Buy RVs will arrange quick and stress-free payment for your vehicle as soon as your offer is accepted. You can choose an electronic fund transfer (EFT) or a company cheque. If you have finance remaining on the vehicle, We Buy RVs can organise to pay any outstanding money direct to your bank or finance company. All we would need to complete this is a current payout figure. If you owe more than the caravan or motorhome is worth, then we can help you choose from a range of options for the negative equity to be paid.