How to sell your caravan or motorhome

Selling Tips

The sale of a vehicle can often be influenced by first impressions and a caravan or motorhome is no different! When planning to sell or take photos of your RV, a good clean on the inside and outside can do wonders and impress potential buyers. Carrying out any required maintenance on the plumbing, electrics, tyres and brakes before putting it up for sale will also help ensure that you receive the best price possible for your caravan or motorhome.

It is important that when selling your RV, either privately or with a dealer, that the following items are bought to the appointment in case the potential buyer wants to make the purchase:

  • Your caravan or motorhome (of course!)
  • Registration papers as proof of ownership
  • Current driver's license
  • All available service history and log books for the RV
  • Manuals/remotes to any appliances in the RV
  • Spare keys
  • Bank account details for payment

At We Buy RVs, we take the hassle out of selling your RV privately and are happy to inspect and purchase your caravan or motorhome, even if it does require some maintenance. To find out more or to request a quote for your RV, simply call one of our friendly staff today or visit our Contact Us page and fill in our easy form to submit your enquiry.

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