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We Buy RVs does exactly as our name suggests, we purchase used recreational vehicles! In partnership with Green RV, who have been in the business of selling and purchasing caravans and motorhomes for over 13 years, We Buy RVs is here to make the process of selling an RV simple and hassle free.

Whether you are trying to sell your own personal RV or you are a dealer who has recently acquired an RV during a vehicle trade, We Buy RVs can take the burden of selling the RV out of your hands.

We're one of only a few RV buyers in Australia and our comprehensive list of contacts in the industry enables us to offer you a competitive and fair price on your caravan or motorhome based on current market prices for that unique make and model.

View our Selling Tips today to find out how to get the best price when selling your recreational vehicle.

At We Buy RVs, a personal inspection of your RV isn't required. We can offer you a price straight away! Our team can purchase any caravan or motorhome regardless of its condition or the number of kilometres clocked up.

So what are you waiting for? Don't waste time trying to sell your caravan or motorhome privately, Contact one of our friendly team today or send us an Online Enquiry with the details of your vehicle.

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